Right welll,,, intro post... I'm lousy at these...

I'm Ghormy, I live in the East Rogers Park area of Chicago (Illinois, natch), all kinds of interests (many of which are listed in my userinfo), and I'm kind of quiet in these communities. I do enjoy reading others' posts quite a bit, but I only add something if I have something useful or witty to say.
My teams are the Cleveland Indians (because I'm a born and bred Clevelander, I just live in IL now.) and the Chicago Cubs. If you need more info, just ask.
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Hey everyone, I know that nothings really been happening here, but hopefully, I can change that. I have some fun ideas for the user info page, but I don't have the access to change it. Could whoever does please get in contact with me? Thanks!

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Well it has been forever since I had posted ANYTHING on LJ...

I just wanted to let all of you know that I still read LJ entrees even though I have not been writeing a whole lot.

I miss chatting with all my gay friends from around LJ...

please don't be a stranger...
anyone can write me on MSN Messenger at pgk777@msn.com
I miss chatting with people...please someone...please...
write me!!!

17 year old from Oregon

Why must this happen?

Homosexuals are also people, they're just the same people as you and me. It is unfair and shallow to judge someone due to their sexual orientation.
September 17, 2004

Marcus was buying a soda, and was beat up by two black men, and shot four times to death, twice in the head, and twice in the chest.

The shallow brutality must be stopped.
Please, as a support, post this in your journal.

Just copy and paste the following.

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Thank you for accepting me, I already know one of the members of this group, but for all the rest of you, my name is Adam, I'm almost 17, and I live in California, not anywhere you would of heard of but Cali nonetheless. You can find out more about me in my LJ, don't worry, it's open.
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